» Voices From The Lake - Drop3 - Generative Music Video
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Voices From The Lake - Drop3 - Generative Music Video

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Music video made of generative art programmed with VVVV by Glasspiel. The video was made for the track "Voices From The Lake - Drop3" by Donato Dozzy and Neel for the label Prologue

Tanks to VVVV and all his community!


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foxonfire: Back to the other side of the land ends. Thanks for the mind-blowing week and look forward seeing the next!

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sunep: At next node we must use a time expander so it isn't over so quickly. Thanks everyone for a great week.

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Sportinger: @newemka this is at least half year old, isnt it ? still very nice though :)

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readme: node felt like a hole in time. endless stream of events gave the impression of more than a single week.

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tonfilm: Feels a bit surreal to be back home... So nice to meet you all in person. Big thanks to the #node15 team!