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record in realtime with vvvv

Ink, Tuesday, Nov 6th 2012 Digg | Tweet | Delicious comments on vimeo  

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Live audio reactive visual mixed with my vvvv based software CLONEMIXER.
music : Genotype - Breaking The Rules Of Sound

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Live audio reactive visual mixed with my vvvv based software CLONEMIXER.
Music : Who Is That DJ - Androgena (Original Step)

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Interactive installation for Red Mountain Energy and Premium Engineering stand at MIOGE '12 exhibition. This year we moved from Kinect to multitouch screen + iPad.

Features: Realtime and rendered FullHD 3D animations, mutlitouch screen + iPad app

programming and interactivity: mr.vux, antokhio & eps
iPad programming: mr.vux

june 2012

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Material generated in realtime with vvvv.

Source are downloadable here : liquid-light

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Kazantip is an electronic music festival that takes place every year in front of the Black Sea in Ukraine. I've been invited ten days to VJ with the most talented VJ team I ever met, in the craziest place I've ever seen...

Every visual are realtime 3D and mixed live with my homemade software CloneMixer 3.0.

This video is dedicated to this amazing VJ team I played with : VJ Jago (Poland), Amoeba (UK), Eps (Russia), VJ MG (Russia), Antokhio (Russia), Mr Vux (France), Devon Miles (Germany), Torston (Germany).

Thanks to M.Gaidamaka for the video footage.

Music : Tactic Tech - Calgary

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Digital Design++++Lighting Sculpture+++DLP projection WIP01
Project by Verlinden Michaël

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Supernova combines and synchronises laser, projection and sound. Within the exhibition space hangs a single glass ball. A laser forms a large cone around the ball which gradually minimise into a single beam. This beam is precisely directed onto the centre of the ball therefore refracting the laser throughout the room. Instantaneously a sub-frequency bass tone is also activated. Precisely mapped to the laser is a projected white circle. This process loops indefinitely.

This work attempts to give a momentary and meditative abstract visual and sonic imprint of the elemental makeup of our environment, the aesthetics of technological synchronisation and the duality and connection of quantum and cosmic space.

Laser programming - Jayson Haebich

Filming - Carlo Zeccola

Kit Webster, Tuesday, Nov 6th 2012 Digg | Tweet | Delicious comments on vimeo  

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This is an interactive effect entirely made with vvvv. This video has no post-production on it at all, it is 100% generated in realtime.

The idea : if there is someone in front of the controller the spray/ball will transform into the Spectral and you can control it with your Kinect.
Then, if there is nobody, the Spectral will transform back into the spray/ball and move around.

You can download all the source patch here : spectral-kinect

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ventolinmono: Someone has used Muse (EEG) with VVVV? > http://www.choosemuse.com/

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mrboni: I highly recommend http://www.bandicam.com/ Like Fraps x10

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Noir: big up dottore

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dottore: tonight performance on streaming here: http://goo.gl/vItkkW

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graphicuserinterface: is there some pluig like vanishing lines for 3d calibration?

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ventolinmono: Jajaja views column if forum also shows anxiety...