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flycapture stuff: not in a hurry to use them again. Driver/middleware support is poor.

guest, Monday, Mar 10th 2014  

anybody experienced with flycapture2 (flea3 usb3 cam) drivers and openCV packs...red nodes here :(

LCA, Monday, Mar 10th 2014  

Great Browser Bookmark!! http://www.davidhampgonsalves.com/spritz-like-rsvp-reader-bookmarklet/

TwoBeAss, Monday, Mar 10th 2014  


guest, Sunday, Mar 9th 2014  

@microdee yes... my curiosity to See the ui and the node interface

Noir, Sunday, Mar 9th 2014  

@Noir: did you get in their beta program?

microdee, Sunday, Mar 9th 2014  


Noir, Saturday, Mar 8th 2014  

great @ethermammoth!

manolito, Saturday, Mar 8th 2014  

yep: post-tweets-with-twitter-api

ethermammoth, Friday, Mar 7th 2014  

thanks @kiilo. will give it a try. any native v4 solutions?

manolito, Friday, Mar 7th 2014  

@manolito maybe have a look here processing bidirectional gateway for twitter you can grab the live stream by OSC https://github.com/kiilo/processing-TWITTER-gateway

kiilo, Friday, Mar 7th 2014  

Twitter search -> vvvv

manolito, Friday, Mar 7th 2014  

I am looking for examples with Twitter API 1.1 and OAuth to get a string input?

manolito, Friday, Mar 7th 2014  

Klimt everywhere

io, Friday, Mar 7th 2014  


io, Friday, Mar 7th 2014  


aivenhoe, Friday, Mar 7th 2014  

@aivenhoe: in next beta, or already in the current alpha

woei, Friday, Mar 7th 2014  


aivenhoe, Friday, Mar 7th 2014  

sizzle vector 4d?

aivenhoe, Friday, Mar 7th 2014  

Any chnace of getting vvvv to run on this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EViG0Q4lTeA

guest, Friday, Mar 7th 2014  

i am afraid it is only a spamattack going on since 2 days..

joreg, Thursday, Mar 6th 2014  

what's the sudden crowd?

microdee, Thursday, Mar 6th 2014  

what's the sudden crowd?

microdee, Thursday, Mar 6th 2014  

1141 guests... vvvviral

sebl, Thursday, Mar 6th 2014  

Speads guests

dannielmach, Thursday, Mar 6th 2014  

Who's up the the PJ team "PJ's in PJ's"

sunep, Thursday, Mar 6th 2014  

@Morsul: vvvvizards :P

microdee, Thursday, Mar 6th 2014  

Think I'll stick to the PJ than, also works with projection jockey ><

Morsul, Thursday, Mar 6th 2014  

PJ patch jockey:-)

sunep, Thursday, Mar 6th 2014  

PA? Patching Addict?

stulloyd, Thursday, Mar 6th 2014  

maybe VisualArtist?? but VA??

kopffarben, Thursday, Mar 6th 2014  

Just wondering, as DJ = DiskJockey and VJ = VideoJockey, what would be the name for peeps like us?

Morsul, Thursday, Mar 6th 2014  

hello to new users from suomi, hungary, paraguay, thailand

hrovac, Thursday, Mar 6th 2014  

massive spam attack and ~550 users online

u7angel, Thursday, Mar 6th 2014  

Did anymore dynamic plugin tutorials get written: dynamic plugin tutorials

AndyC, Thursday, Mar 6th 2014  


xd_nitro, Thursday, Mar 6th 2014  

Leaving the Planet Album out now. Artwork made with MRE http://www.symbioticcube.com/leaving-planet-2967-album/

tekcor, Wednesday, Mar 5th 2014  


metrowave, Wednesday, Mar 5th 2014  

Oh lala have fun in Shanghai Mr. Dee

Gareth.Griffiths, Wednesday, Mar 5th 2014  

is there a fellow vvvver in shaghai until Monday? it would be cool to have a drink or two ;)

microdee, Wednesday, Mar 5th 2014  

spam in the news...

catweasel, Wednesday, Mar 5th 2014  

Ack! No .NET 4.5 on XP - time to upgrade my Thinkpad X61 tablet before next beta...

mediadog, Tuesday, Mar 4th 2014  

operator nodes fixed for beta31.2: vvvv.audio-pack-alpha

tonfilm, Tuesday, Mar 4th 2014  

@Noir: Waiting for 2 w/pan-tilt to arrive,will report back

mediadog, Tuesday, Mar 4th 2014  

@i`d get one for someone but i am bankrupt atm, want it for blob detection though .. idk how good it will be for this.

synth, Tuesday, Mar 4th 2014  

Someone order ... http://charmedlabs.com/default/?page_id=211

Noir, Tuesday, Mar 4th 2014  

please test .gif loader: importing-gifs#comment-114911

tonfilm, Tuesday, Mar 4th 2014  


patrick, Monday, Mar 3rd 2014  

is there something like quadrature for rotations allready patched?

graphicuserinterface, Monday, Mar 3rd 2014  

oops, sore for the many old changed threads. was just cleaning house..

joreg, Monday, Mar 3rd 2014  

for gloomy sundays, enjoy: https://vimeo.com/87947191

sinus, Sunday, Mar 2nd 2014  


elektromeier, Saturday, Mar 1st 2014  

anyway its fine now...

elektromeier, Saturday, Mar 1st 2014  

i believe you synth, no offense towards you but i still find it somehow grotesque what big troubles filenames can cause...

elektromeier, Saturday, Mar 1st 2014  

It is amusing that you take it that way, but that joke costed me a bit ...

synth, Saturday, Mar 1st 2014  

yummy, tastes like quad

skyliner, Saturday, Mar 1st 2014  

some of my clients worry because I don't use apple products.

xd_nitro, Saturday, Mar 1st 2014  

that grey stuff and all those wires looks dangerous and like a computer crash. clients often ask me: what is THIS?

elektromeier, Saturday, Mar 1st 2014  

now after crack.exe is gone we want large more proffesional looking colorfull nodes.

elektromeier, Saturday, Mar 1st 2014  

a minute of silence

guest, Saturday, Mar 1st 2014  

RIP crack.exe

guest, Saturday, Mar 1st 2014  

I've been seeing odd bugs where nodes stop working correctly and I have to disconnect links down and they work? anyone else?

xd_nitro, Saturday, Mar 1st 2014  


mediadog, Friday, Feb 28th 2014  

oh right yeah, just even width&heights.

xd_nitro, Friday, Feb 28th 2014  

@xd_nitro is that true for both, odd and even width/height of the renderer?

tonfilm, Friday, Feb 28th 2014  

better open thread to discuss.

gregsn, Friday, Feb 28th 2014  

It's simple. Don't use whole numbers. Translate text by 1/2 pixel X&Y to improve rendering.

xd_nitro, Friday, Feb 28th 2014  

@xd_nitro: you could checkout the sdk and send us a pull request. if this is too hard you can send it via email to devvvvs. dx9or11?

gregsn, Friday, Feb 28th 2014  

how can I edit a vvvv help patch? I have a great tip to improve rendering pixel precise text.

xd_nitro, Friday, Feb 28th 2014  

can we have a FrameDelay (Raw), please? thanks

sebl, Thursday, Feb 27th 2014  

Kölle Alaavvvv!

gegenlicht, Thursday, Feb 27th 2014  

@levi: it's standard intel HD. (right now HD5000 afaik)

m4d, Thursday, Feb 27th 2014  

anyone had experience with macmini's gpu? any specific problems, shaders not working etc?

levi, Thursday, Feb 27th 2014  

VVVV.Audio bugfix release: vvvv.audio-pack-alpha

tonfilm, Thursday, Feb 27th 2014  

@elektromeier: beautiful

aivenhoe, Wednesday, Feb 26th 2014  

@beyon : super cool! +1 for resch

geometrica, Wednesday, Feb 26th 2014  

@beyon: Ron Resch is the best!

lasal, Wednesday, Feb 26th 2014  

ghostcube look cool, inspired by? or generally inspiring at least: http://vimeo.com/36122966

beyon, Wednesday, Feb 26th 2014  


metrowave, Wednesday, Feb 26th 2014  

Thanks @skyliner! I want to invite Erik to a conference next year... the cubes are amazing.

metrowave, Wednesday, Feb 26th 2014  

@drehwurm, @mediadog: known problem. please post a specific case that fails in the forum.

joreg, Wednesday, Feb 26th 2014  


skyliner, Tuesday, Feb 25th 2014  

@drehwurm - I was just checking the docs to see, same problem, only get an empty subpatch...

mediadog, Tuesday, Feb 25th 2014  

@AndyC Wow, great event, I'll try to catch it, thanks!

metrowave, Monday, Feb 24th 2014  

How come Ctrl-G sometiomes doesn't work?

drehwurm, Monday, Feb 24th 2014  

@tekcor uber cool the source: https://github.com/s-macke/SAM

guest, Monday, Feb 24th 2014  

johnny lee is back! http://youtu.be/Qe10ExwzCqk

tks, Monday, Feb 24th 2014  

Can the default max/min for Value IOBoxs be widened please? Low for pixel precise work :)

xd_nitro, Monday, Feb 24th 2014  

@ele open a file dialogue

sunep, Monday, Feb 24th 2014  

@elektomeier: a dynamic plugin containing an infinite loop ( while(1){} ) should do the job

motzi, Monday, Feb 24th 2014  

elektromeier, you may try issues in alpha forum

h99, Monday, Feb 24th 2014  

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~5h ago

quaddro: nevermind; device(manual) was the solution to map to the right adapter.

~6h ago

quaddro: quick help: trying multiscreen setup with eyefinity 2(spanmode)+1. when trying to go fullscreen vvvv only flashes. any tips?

~8h ago

~17h ago

microdee: 2 new plugins i was working on recently: rod, leap-alternative-nodes

~2d ago

microdee: @mrboni: try the help patches next to the dll

~2d ago

joreg: @apnoe try the Lumax (Devices) node (only in x86 builds)

~2d ago

mrboni: @microdee - just dragged the dll into b32.1

~2d ago

apnoe: anyone some experience with v and ilda / laser controlling? is it possible to send to an usb / ilda interface from v?

~2d ago

fleg: open call still open till friday. international arists are invited to apply! bit.ly/1rRXI1R

~3d ago

microdee: @mrboni: storing-and-setting-paramters can you link the patch here? probably i forgot to reset the stream somewhere