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anyone in kuala lumpur at the moment wants to meet up?

elektromeier, Friday, Apr 25th 2014  


skyliner, Friday, Apr 25th 2014  

let's get #meta with the new #generic #nodes in #vvvv: generic-nodes-project

tonfilm, Thursday, Apr 24th 2014  

@casinowilhelm: that depends very much on your chosen technique. (e.g. dx11 instancing can give you massive amounts)

m4d, Thursday, Apr 24th 2014  

NODE+CODE in Frankfurt shifted to tomorrow 6pm...node code-april-field-framework-with-nick-rothwell

david, Thursday, Apr 24th 2014  

Roughly what's the max number of lowpoly spreaded 3d objects vvvv might be able to handle at once?

casinowilhelm, Thursday, Apr 24th 2014  


skyliner, Thursday, Apr 24th 2014  

gloves anyone? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mimu/mimu-glove-for-music

joreg, Wednesday, Apr 23rd 2014  

To all interested in job offer by onformative looking-for-a-vvvv-developer-for-project-in-may-june#comment-154038 didn´t get your emails, server error! sorry! Pls send again!

julialaub, Wednesday, Apr 23rd 2014  


zeos, Wednesday, Apr 23rd 2014  

thanks to joreg I can now use my magic mouse with belovvvved vvvv under #parallels

m9dfukc, Wednesday, Apr 23rd 2014  

know your middleclick http://ift.tt/1fjEImn

joreg, Wednesday, Apr 23rd 2014  

Anybody with the a working version of the patch VVVV.Tutorial.Mapping 3d? @colorsound can you help me??

HelenaAndreina, Tuesday, Apr 22nd 2014  

@bjoern: Happy Easter to you too!

dl-110, Monday, Apr 21st 2014  

black midi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKv9S6mxnXE

levi, Monday, Apr 21st 2014  

hey guys would it be possible to grab DX9EX from ... lets say half life?

StiX, Sunday, Apr 20th 2014  

http://scenesat.com/video for revision stream. pc 4k compo has just begun..

m4d, Saturday, Apr 19th 2014  

@Curveau: thanks

dottore, Saturday, Apr 19th 2014  

@dottore: This looks pretty good: http://www.kasperkamperman.com/blog/osc-datamonitor/

Curveau, Friday, Apr 18th 2014  

@martin: hell yeah!

Gareth.Griffiths, Friday, Apr 18th 2014  

@martin: Thats awesome!

Urbankind, Friday, Apr 18th 2014  

do you know any good OSC monitoring free software?

dottore, Friday, Apr 18th 2014  

Search broken: sez solr search not available, clicking tags does not limit search - ideas?

mediadog, Thursday, Apr 17th 2014  

cheers m4d !

lecloneur, Thursday, Apr 17th 2014  

hokay, thanks

mrboni, Thursday, Apr 17th 2014  

nope, usb3 and win8 only

guest, Thursday, Apr 17th 2014  

anyone know if kinect 2 will work with a usb 2 port?

mrboni, Thursday, Apr 17th 2014  

@lecloneur: very nice. all the best for your mekaviz venture!

m4d, Thursday, Apr 17th 2014  

MekaViz video now online : https://vimeo.com/92187171

lecloneur, Thursday, Apr 17th 2014  

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDAw7vW7H0c vvvv blok?

stulloyd, Wednesday, Apr 16th 2014  

@sinus:10x! That's kind of docu version ;) I am working on a mocumentary version ;)

zeos, Wednesday, Apr 16th 2014  

@zeos: great work!

sinus, Wednesday, Apr 16th 2014  

@ Gerrit : use Processing with iOS /Android sdk

DigitalSlaves, Wednesday, Apr 16th 2014  

Does anyone know an app for iPad with buttons which send OSCMessages (like touchOSC), where you can set a custom background image?

gerrit, Wednesday, Apr 16th 2014  

allways on top is not working ?

manuel, Wednesday, Apr 16th 2014  


zeos, Tuesday, Apr 15th 2014  

@defetto - very nice, good finding!

m9dfukc, Monday, Apr 14th 2014  

realtime speech synthesis library http://mage.numediart.org

defetto, Monday, Apr 14th 2014  

yeah. ssl should be enabled by default.

phlegma, Friday, Apr 11th 2014  

vvvv.org doesn't use ssl at all, does it? Would be nice though

bjoern, Friday, Apr 11th 2014  

@fibo: yes, admin reported we are unaffected.

joreg, Friday, Apr 11th 2014  

Everything looks ok (check the ignore certificates flag) http://filippo.io/Heartbleed/#vvvv.org

fibo, Friday, Apr 11th 2014  

Kinect2 is available as Beta to developers only. will be released in summer.

metrowave, Thursday, Apr 10th 2014  

well, the thing is out there, no? And kinect2-nodes but yes, I assumed the answer is No.

purf., Thursday, Apr 10th 2014  

@purf: what do you mean? it is not even available yet.

guest, Thursday, Apr 10th 2014  

quick question time: is Kinect 2 a viable option yet?

purf., Thursday, Apr 10th 2014  

@tekcor: interesting...

Alec, Thursday, Apr 10th 2014  

16 channel wireless contol http://www.x-io.co.uk/products/x-osc/

tekcor, Thursday, Apr 10th 2014  

@vvvv50: http://vimeo.com/30486912

guest, Wednesday, Apr 9th 2014  

Last month in Paris: https://vimeo.com/91406136

sunep, Wednesday, Apr 9th 2014  

@VVVValentin: very much appreciated! :)

m4d, Wednesday, Apr 9th 2014  

sry for blog overkill but it was so nice and suprisingly good

tekcor, Wednesday, Apr 9th 2014  

gonna give XPath a shot.

psybot, Wednesday, Apr 9th 2014  

anyone know how to make a structure like: [0: you, 1: are, 2: [0: amazing, lovely, sexy] ] and then traverse it?

psybot, Wednesday, Apr 9th 2014  

Thanks Valentin

Noir, Tuesday, Apr 8th 2014  

@tekcor: i use 5dmk3 lens canon 8-15mm 8mm = 4 shots 15mm = 12 shots stiching with autopano stereographic proj vvvv or flexify

screamer, Tuesday, Apr 8th 2014  

joreg's talk about vvvv50 at Resonate: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0VgD-vMUHE recorded on a sock

VVVValentin, Tuesday, Apr 8th 2014  

@screamer this is amazing! what do you use? .. thanks @ StiX

tekcor, Tuesday, Apr 8th 2014  

yeah it seems to be much more stable with version 2.1.3 of vlc so beware kids!

StiX, Tuesday, Apr 8th 2014  

anybody with latest vlc experiencing huuge framerate drops? used to play 7 videos at once with no problem, now the same patch is wierd

StiX, Tuesday, Apr 8th 2014  

@tekcor: this is my attemps to steregraphic projections: https://www.flickr.com/photos/pedroscreamerovsky/sets/72157627779361184/ :)

screamer, Tuesday, Apr 8th 2014  

MekaViz tomorrow at Laval Virtual International Conference and Exhibition of Virtual Technologies (France). http://www.laval-virtual.org/en/exhibitors/list-of-exhibitors/110-mekaviz.html

lecloneur, Tuesday, Apr 8th 2014  

Anyone have something like RGBDepth (Kinect MS) for DX11?

everyoneishappy, Monday, Apr 7th 2014  

is there anyway to asimageCV from dx9 (or 11) ? Mr Woods?

catweasel, Sunday, Apr 6th 2014  

@beyon maybe you can help here ;) accessing-ip-camera-with-html-texture

catweasel, Saturday, Apr 5th 2014  

back in germany on the desks, looking for a project now

tekcor, Friday, Apr 4th 2014  

cat: I didn't need more, could work, I used HtmlTexture and some html+javascript to reload images

beyon, Friday, Apr 4th 2014  

@sebl could you have a look at the touch-overlay thread, thanks!

reaktant, Friday, Apr 4th 2014  

hehe need 20+… but 10fps @320 would be fine

catweasel, Friday, Apr 4th 2014  

catweasel: I had 5-6 ~€30 cams working with webimage but low fps, not ideal but could work

beyon, Friday, Apr 4th 2014  

Need multiple simultaneous cheap Lo res IP cams, for use in vvvv any suggestions? Pref wdm, but would a webimage based one work?

catweasel, Thursday, Apr 3rd 2014  

@elliotwoods try DRAWINDEX and DRAWCOUNT

unc, Thursday, Apr 3rd 2014  

(or any list of the semantics, i remember seeing it somewhere)

elliotwoods, Thursday, Apr 3rd 2014  

lazy emergency question : in dx11 can you detect "Transformation Index" inside shader? VIEWPORTINDEX doesn't work.

elliotwoods, Thursday, Apr 3rd 2014  

@xd_nitro: yep, just send me pm.

herbst, Wednesday, Apr 2nd 2014  


bjoern, Wednesday, Apr 2nd 2014  

anyone know vvvv and Unity fairly well? I have a couple of questions pls

xd_nitro, Wednesday, Apr 2nd 2014  

yes, contact me with skype : cloneproduction

lecloneur, Wednesday, Apr 2nd 2014  

@lecloneur: great! I'm very interested to test-drive this at Cambridge University, Architecture Dept. any chance?

metrowave, Wednesday, Apr 2nd 2014  

Introducing MekaViz, our Interactive 3D Visualisation projects. http://mekaviz.com/

lecloneur, Wednesday, Apr 2nd 2014  

@bjoern: Good idea to re-read this, yes. I'm trying to orchestrate changes over time and my brain goes ____

purf., Wednesday, Apr 2nd 2014  

all optimus troubled please try marfs suggestion here: forum-alpha/optimus-and-v4-behaving-differently-on-different-os-versions-%28win-7-win-8.1%29?full=1#comment-152823 that sounds quite plausible..

joreg, Wednesday, Apr 2nd 2014  

@purf: Read software engineering patterns with vvvv and have a look at message

bjoern, Wednesday, Apr 2nd 2014  

crisscross defintely!

hrovac, Wednesday, Apr 2nd 2014  

"The Humble Quad Bundle" by #vvvv serves 4 classics using the #visualprogramming language codenamed #vvvv50 50-the-humble-quad-bundle

tonfilm, Wednesday, Apr 2nd 2014  

can someone recommend a projector rental company in london that is not very aehm professional ? (1x 6k lumen, 3dlp) /thanks

ggml, Tuesday, Apr 1st 2014  

Poll while trying to organize a mess: s+r or crisscrossing lines?

purf., Tuesday, Apr 1st 2014  

Sideburn: https://vimeo.com/90672985

metrowave, Tuesday, Apr 1st 2014  

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~7h ago

jzzxh: nice sine wave and particle. http://vimeo.com/65475425

~20h ago

aelfwine: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ClAIcSiDiKY new installation made by auroraMeccanica ...vvvv stars :)

~23h ago

catweasel: @westbam, thats great :)

~1d ago

Westbam: Can the DX11 people start working on this? http://vimeo.com/109169719 :D

~2d ago

catweasel: @jzzxh I've got vux working on it (hopefully) as we speak... Fingers crossed...

~2d ago

gericsapo: Anyone, any clues why my CV nodes doesn't have any input or output pins?

~2d ago