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Realname Matias Wilkman
Registered since 04/07/08
Last seen never
Website http://matiaswilkman.blogspot.com/

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  • Speech

I made a simple speech synthesis plugin. It uses Microsoft's Speech API, so you'll need the SAPI SDK installed.

C# Sources.
Also have a look at Microsoft's TTS XML tutorial.


I made a module for FingerplayMIDI. kalle helped me a great deal with an advanced version - thanks :)
After adding sensor support to Fingerplay, I updated the module once more. Note that Fingerplay now support custom layouts. This module was built only with the default layout in mind (I don't know if there is currently a way to find out about the current layout on the server side...).
Also check out fingerplayOSC by Digipic

  • Bit (Value Advanced). A little different from Bit (Value) that ships with vvvv - it takes the number and the amount of bits to use for encoding as arguments, which is more intuitive imho. Also works better with spreads.

DMX Fixtures:

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~5h ago

idwyr: Divided visual autists <3

~6h ago

metrowave: Back to UK... how sad ;(

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m4d: just wow

~7h ago

ingo: THX for that week... a neeby officially hooked;)

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lecloneur: great week ! vvvv to the highest level ever. Big Up !

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remony: wow, it was great to finally have you all here at NODE, I could have never imagined how great this week was going to be. <3

~8h ago

herbst: thanks all for the great time, workshops and evverything

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tekcor: thanks for the great time @node15 so much input going on

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sven: Had a blast at Node15! Wonderful to see old friends and meet new people! Thanks all!

~8h ago

H.Hartung: Such a wonderful week @ node15. Thanks to the team! Impressive work.